factoryGripple is based in Sheffield, England. We make all our products at our Sheffield headquarters and we try to use local English suppliers when possible.

We are committed to manufacturing in Sheffield, and to make ourselves competitive, we invest company profits heavily back into our production methods. This allows our people to do what machines can't - be people, and use their unique talents and abilities to make us a better company.

We pride ourselves on service and we try to exceed expectations. When we get it wrong, we like to know - so we can put things right.

gripple spiderWe are now 17 years old and have sold over 200 million Gripples throughout the world into fencing, vineyard and fruit trellising, and the construction industry. We have 200 employees and most are shareholders in the company.

Gardening is a new venture for us (2004) - but we, Gripple, believe it is a solution to many gardening needs.